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Affiliate Tools Recap

Now that you've learned about the core referral id technology built into CBDHealthWellness.info we can extend upon this functionality with further tooling for you to grow your business.

Affiliate Enabled Mailing List

We extend upon the functionality we discussed previously by integrating it with our mailing list.  Those that subscribe to our mailing list from a url containing your ref=X value will have that value populated into our mailing list.

Once in your customer's referral id has made its way into our mailing list, it will also be utilized within our mail distributions in order to populate the ref id of the links contained within the mailing.

In other words, when we send out mail with the latest information and updates on CBD Health and Wellness, we will be distributing links that will ultimately lead back to Organica Naturals links that contain your referral id.

We created this functionality so that average people who don't want to have a mailing subscription and put together the latest information on CBD can utilize our mailing list to further your sales.

Affiliate Personalizer

Many affiliates utilize social media and interact with a wide variety of people online, many of which talk about their potential CBD interests online and solicit feedback.  We've built a very easy to use tool for aiding affiliates with delivering pointed information about their particular interests.

We've built the Affiliate Personalizer for this purpose.  The Personalizer enables you to build a personalized landing page for a customer, which lists off a number of interests that you know they have and provides one or more resources for each area of interest.

In order to build a personalized landing page for someone, you'll need:

  • First Name
  • Interests
  • Select Articles that the person may find interesting

You'll then have the ability to edit the personalized landing page prior to finalizing it.

Once finalized, you'll have a Url that you can send to your potential customer with the information that pertains to them.  As before, the links within that landing page will contain your referral id so that when they go to make a purchase based on the information you've supplied them, they'll be purchasing with your referral id and will have lifetime referrals with that customer.

Tiered Affiliate Referrals

You can even utilize this set of affiliate pages containing a ref=X in order to educate your potential affiliates, have them sign up using the upcoming affiliate link and gain a affiliate underneath you.

You'll send out the starting Url of the affiliate process with your referral id in the Url and when they get to the next page where you sign up to become an affiliate, they will do that under your affiliate id adding you as their parent affiliate underneath.

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