Snake Oil or Cure-All? The Truth About CBD

How can one substance – made from a PLANT – do all the things people claim it can do? Has CBD earned its health halo? Is it some kind of miracle cure?

Itchy, Irritated, Inflamed Skin? CBD to the Rescue!

CBD can provide relief for many symptoms associated with skin disorders. And, it contains antioxidants and can protect the skin and repair damage.

Everything You Need to Know About the Endocannabinoid System

Why does CBD work so well for so many different health concerns? How is this possible? How can a substance be so safe, yet so powerful? The answer? We are hard-wired for CBD use! To understand how CBD works in the body, let’s explore the Endocannabinoid System.

How to Talk to Your Parents About CBD

If you have tried to talk to your parents or other elders you care for about CBD and have been met with skepticism or fear, the information in this article may help you overcome those obstacles.

Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolates: CBD Differences, Explained

So you want to try CBD, but while searching around for products, you have come across an obstacle: what kind should you buy, exactly?

CBD Round-Up: 9 Things You Should Know About This Plant Remedy

Decades of disinformation and outright lies about the cannabis plant have led many to believe that marijuana and hemp are dangerous and have no medicinal value. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. Thankfully, a growing body of research is revealing the abundant benefits of the cannabis plant.

CBD for Pets: How to Safely Use Cannabidiol for Dogs and Cats

This article was originally published at The Organic Prepper and was republished here with permission. As more people seek safe, natural remedies for their health concerns – and as more states legalize medical cannabis – interest in cannabidiol (commonly known as “CBD”) is growing. And it’s not just good for humans. A huge amount of

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Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from insomnia or trouble sleeping? A growing body of research suggests that CBD may help.

Got Gut Troubles? Research Suggests CBD May Help

You have probably heard that cannabidiol – commonly known as #CBD – offers a wide range of health benefits, but did you know that it can reduce inflammation and improve gut health?