Completed Registration!

Completed Registration

Now that you've completed your Organica Naturals and CBD Health and Wellness registrations, you can login to the affiliate dashboard.

Please join our CBD Health and Wellness Affiliate Group in order to stay up-to-date on content and technology updates.

The best way to stay on top of our articles is to subscribe to notifications.  Clicking the notification will lead you directly into Affiliate Manager to our social page to share the post.  This is the easiest and most robust approach to sharing the latest articles on your social network.

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Within the Affiliate Dashboard you can:

  • View Google Analytics
  • View Mail Analytics
  • Utilize the Personalizer
  • View Your Sales Statistics
  • View Your Referral Statistics

We hope you enjoy the tools that we've built for your affiliate experienc.  If you have any feedback on them, please provide it to [email protected].